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Interior design

Interior design has been and will always be one of the hallmarks of our studio. Not only due to our educational and professional background but also because it allows us to work with the spaces in which we integrate our other great passion: furniture. This provides us with comprehensive knowledge and a holistic perspective when embarking on any project, enabling us to imprint our philosophy on complete environments.


A project where wood took the spotlight and feng shui guided the way. Every space was meticulously addressed, including walls and ceilings, and color palettes were chosen in pursuit of balance: green for the office, blue for the living room, and so on. The owner’s extensive art collection was seamlessly incorporated into the ensemble, with various decorative elements added to enhance the prominence of the pieces, yet without causing any conflicts between them.


A single-family home rehabilitation project where we skillfully blend Mediterranean and American styles, enriched with subtle neoclassical accents that infuse it with a distinctive personality. Fresh colors and organic materials, such as wood, take center stage, harmoniously complemented by the addition of parquet flooring to infuse warmth throughout the space.


A new construction project characterized by its abundant open spaces, following a Scandinavian style with clean lines. The interiors are adorned with paintings by local artists, creating a striking contrast with the prevailing modern design. Throughout the spaces, there’s a predominant use of light-toned woods and textiles, especially in shades of beige, creating an atmosphere of serenity. The layout is strategically arranged to maximize the enjoyment of the outdoor views.


An apartment in the Dominican Republic where the goal was to achieve a sense of greater spaciousness and make better use of natural sunlight. Subtle modifications were made to the partitions, and beige wallpaper was applied to reflect light and enhance the vibrant colors of the furniture.


A small-sized apartment where the aim was to create spaciousness and brightness. The kitchen was integrated into the living-dining area by opening up various walls and installing a bar. The decor was done using light shades to achieve the desired sense of openness. Several distinctive elements were added to give personality to the space, such as textured kitchen cabinet doors and a lightened terrazzo flooring.


The renovation of a hotel presents numerous challenges, including designing individual rooms while implementing them in large quantities and always with slight architectural modifications. The goal in this case was to create a bright and Zen-style space that would evoke a sense of deep relaxation and well-being. To achieve this, every detail was carefully considered, from the soft green tones to the bed’s frame, and even the removal of barriers such as the wall between the bathroom and the bedroom.


Exterior decoration project where integration with nature took center stage, particularly with the lush bougainvillea. All the furniture used featured light and natural tones, carefully selected for their ability to withstand various weather conditions. Moreover, the layout was designed to maximize the enjoyment of the surrounding views and vegetation, creating a harmonious connection with the outdoors.